Unveiling abl «Dream House»

On 4 June 2016 we opened the installation «Dream On». It is located in a small building situated at a 400-meter-long scenographed construction fence. The walls of the building are available to visitors, who are invited to write their wishes and dreams about residential communities in the future. Chalk in various colors is provided. From time to time everything is erased, in order to be able to make room for new «dreams».

The construction fence was erected in 2015, at the beginning of the demolition of the residential area «Himmelreich 3» in Lucerne. By 2020 new residential and commercial property will be built there. On commission by the Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Lucerne, we developed an extraordinary concept to inform the neighbors about the progress of construction. We used the construction fence as a time line. It begins in the founding years of the ABL and continues on until the completion of the residential area. A small, walk-in building provides space for a temporary exhibition that is changed every six months. The third exhibition will follow in the fall of 2016. The small building is also used for events and offers a platform for encounters and exchange.