Museum prize for the Lake Dwelling Museum

The Lake Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen was awarded the Baden-Württemberg Lotto museum prize in November. Steiner Sarnen Schweiz has come up with a master plan, featuring existing and new attractions, for the Lake Dwelling Museum on Lake Constance. The first step was realized in 2013, in the form of the «Archaeroama» pre-show – a multimedia dive down to the 6,000-year-old lake dwellings.
The Lotto museum prize has been awarded annually since 2015, in cooperation with Museumsverband Baden-Württemberg, for outstanding exhibition concepts, new productions, cooperations and museum eduction offers in non-state museums. Over 50 museums in total, from all over Baden-Württemberg, took part in the competition this year.

Pre-Show Archaeorama

Baden-Württemberg Museum Prize 

Sabine Schöbel, Pfahlbaumuseum
Otto Steiner, Steiner Sarnen Schweiz