Revival of the Courtyard

«Himmelrich 1», the oldest housing complex built by the Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Lucerne (abl), was completely refurbished. An extraordinary assembly building was built in the courtyard. The building is built completely of glass and reflects the sky as well as the historical facades. If the weather causes clouds to get in the way, the atmospheric interior lighting guarantees a starry firmament. The one-way mirrorglass was consciously chosen so that the occupants do not feel exposed, and yet the passersby do not feel excluded. The mirrored outer surfaces create new spaces within the courtyard that change depending on the perspective.

Our commission was called «Art and Building». The project was not only supposed to be intellectually appealing, but was also meant to encourage social interaction among the residents. The mirror house is a place of encounter and exchange, a cozy place to be. The entire infrastructure invites the users to stay for awhile. The five-metre long table with its benches made of solid wood can also be moved outside in nice weather. Outside there is also a fire pit and a water connection.

Facts & Figures
Lucerne, Switzerland
abl – Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Luzern
Concept, planning, realisation assembly building, 32 m² mirror house, 32 m² terrace, 2015
Photos: Stefano Schröter, Lucerne