On the Trail of the Mystery of Emmentaler AOP

Since December 2018 the home of Emmentaler AOP in Affoltern has a new visitor attraction. We have created a whole new world of experiences in the dairy’s cellar. The experience promises to be eye-opening, entertaining and informative, with a good helping of humor. With a bit of Emmentaler in the mouth the journey of discovery begins. The nutty taste tunes in the guests and accompanies them on the whole tour in eight rooms. Visitors learn all kinds of interesting facts about the world-famous cheese – from delivery and careful processing of the premium milk, to the golden-yellow Emmental cheese in the ripening cellar. Three likable figures – a cheese maker, a cow and a mouse – tell visitors much more than how the cheese gets its large holes. The show also covers the history of the origins of Emmental cheese, and its importance for the region, as well as the global marketing of this original Swiss food that is part of the country’s identity.

Facts & Figures
Affoltern im Emmental, Switzerland
Emmentaler Schaukäserei AG
Idea, conception and realization of the visitor tour
Multimedia, synchronized show with ten rooms and tasting area, 400 sq. m, 2018
Photos: Daniel Desborough, Ejup Arifi