Tattered Flags as a Provocation

The fact that no Swiss flags were displayed at Expo.02 made the Federal Council angry. The direction of Expo.02 reacted to the complaint with the provoking idea of placing four flags at each of the car parks. We texted the Artistic Director Martin Heller that we had been thinking about collecting all the tattered and faded flags at the passes of the Swiss alps for some time. His answer was short and clear: «How fast could you deliver how many flags?» Soon after, four teams departed. With cars packed full of flags, we drove through the Swiss mountains. 

Within four days we had collected 120 flags, and a couple of days later they were hoisted in one of the Biel Expo towers. Which amused some, but irritated other visitors. Damaged flags do not leave the audience cold.

Facts & Figures
Biel, Switzerland
Direction Expo.02
Idea, concept, installation implementation, 2002