Water is the Key to Survive

The motto of Expo 2015 was «Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life». In the Kuwait pavilion we told the story of a country defined by sand and saltwater where potable water is a hidden treasure. It was the desert that welcomed visitors before they were immersed in various landscapes of the emirate recreated by a dome projection. In the second room the visitor experienced the miracle of water. The next installation was a huge animated maquetta of modern Kuwait that showed the country then and in the future. A ramp led to the souk. This arab market allowed guests to enjoy the flavors of the Middle East with all senses. The visit ended in a green garden. It symbolically spread the message of the pavilion: Kuwait contributes to feeding the world by sustainably cultivating the desert and by developing its society using science and technology.

Facts & Figures
Milan, Italy
Nussli Italia s.r.l.
Dramaturgy/Story, exhibition,
2,500 sq. m, 2015
Project partner: Nüssli/Studio Italo Rota, Milan, Italy

Video clip