Visitor Tour Feldschlösschen Brewery

For over 100 years, the impressive castle of the Feldschlösschen Brewery has stood up on a hill above Rheinfelden. Inside these honourable walls we opened one part of the new visitor tour in December 2008. On a lively guided tour through the wonders of the brewery, guests gain multi-faceted insights into both the castle’s architecture and the production of beer – today and in the past. A multimedia show tells the story of the Feldschlösschen brand and its founding fathers. In the newly designed castle hall it becomes clear that Swiss economic history took place here.

In another room the ingredients for brewing beer – hops, malt, yeast and spring water – are sensually staged and become a haptic experience. Of course the tour ends by relaxing with a wonderful, freshly tapped beer ...
Facts & Figures
Rheinfelden, Switzerland
Feldschlösschen Brewery
Concept, planning, realisation preshow visitor tour, about 250 sq. m, 2008