Experiencing Ganter – The Almost Classic Brewery Tour

The tour of the Ganter Brewery in Freiburg (D) is divided into eight spectacular sceneries. Actors guide the visitors and explain all about the raw materials and brewhouse they show them. One of the highlights is a 360° cinema, in which the visitors are surrounded by the foamy ripening process of beer. Tapping beer from a big tank is the cheerful highlight of the tour. The keg-robot is especially charming when he interrupts his work for the visitors in order to answer the actor-guide’s questions. 

The visit is topped off by a degustation in the impressive machine house. This visitor tour is the first step towards a multi-faceted visitor experience designed to bring the Ganter brand closer to its target group.
Facts & Figures
Freiburg, Germany
Ganter Brewery
Concept, planning, realisation of visitor tour,£
900 sq. m, 2012