A Moment. An Experiment.

Niklaus von Flüe (1417-1487) is one of the most influential leading figures in Switzerland. Humility, concentrating solely on the essential, reflection and calm were the characteristics that shaped his life. It is these characteristics that formed the thematic pillars of our roadshow. We have developed an experience for visitors based on participation and surrender. The inquisitive ones among the visitors had the opportunity to partake in an experiment of self-reflection. They entered the darkened, quiet pavilion on their own. And they removed their watch, mobile phone and shoes. No distractions. Focus on nothing. Deceleration.

The whole experience was intensified when visitors came face to face with Niklaus von Flüe. What did this moment inspire in them? We invited guests to share their thoughts and feelings. The messages are kept under seal in a time capsule and will only be read 100 years from now. In 2117, people will find out what effect Niklaus von Flüe has on us today. 

Facts & Figures
Roadshow «Niklaus von Flüe – On the Road»
Funding body «600 years of the Niklaus von Flüe 2017»
Concept, planning and realization of the Roadshow Experience by Steiner Sarnen Schweiz
Project partners: Compresso AG / Incommunications
Stopping in all the cantons throughout Switzerland, 30 locations, June-September 2017
Award: Xaver Award, Gold in category «Best Temporary Exhibition»
Photos: Sibylle Kathriner/Trägerverein 600 Jahre Niklaus von Flüe; Steiner Sarnen Schweiz