Special Exhibition «Man and Animals»

In four sections, this cultural-historical exhibition explained the history of a fascinating and tension-filled relationship. Whether a pet or a symbol of power, a sports comrade or hunting target, animals are an inexhaustible source of fascination and pleasure for the human being. In our exhibition, bars became a central design principle. They symbolized the separating line between man and animals. Bars wound around throughout the large exhibition rooms. They held the installations and showcases. The visitors were always in front of them, and the animal objects were behind them. At the end, the visitors surpassed this separating element between man and animals and entered a dark, cult-like room, a different sphere. Three «lakes» filled with the source liquids water, blood and sperm formed archaic places full of emotions.
Facts & Figures
Dresden, Germany
Hygiene Museum Dresden
Concept, planning, special exhibition realisation,
2,000 sq. m, 2002