Actors Recount History

Every museum offers the potential for invention: at the Lucerne Historical Museum, the storage areas inspired us even more than the exhibition itself. It stimulated our creativity to venture into the forbidden cellars and attic corners and open boxes with the historian. This is the feeling that became the basis for our museum concept. In the viewing depot with over 14,000 objects, visitors learn about the contents from a barcode reader. In the second depot area, actors take the audience on a journey: depending on the theatre tour booked, the visitors find themselves in different worlds.

They delve into the French revolution, experience a variation of Cinderella or become acquainted with the world of the Romans. The exhibited objects serve as the variable backdrop.
Facts & Figures
Lucerne, Switzerland
Historisches Museum Luzern
(Lucerne Historical Museum)
Concept, planning, realisation permanent exhibition, 1,800 sq. m, 2003