Immersion into the Bronze Age

The stilt-building museum fascinates its guests with replicas of houses built on stilts. We developed a master plan for the entire outdoor museum including both existing and new attractions. The first step was to realise the «Archaeorama» – a spectacular show in three immersive rooms. Beginning at the diving station, visitors can go along with two divers on a journey through time to experience village life during the Bronze Age 6,000 years ago. When the doors finally open, the visitors are amazed to find themselves standing in front of the «real» stilt-buildings.
Facts & Figures
Unteruhldingen, Germany
Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen/Bodensee
Concept, planning, realisation Pre-Show «Archaeorama», 140 sq. m, 2013
Award: Lotto Museum Prize Baden-Württemberg 2018