Birds from Various Perspectives

The new visitor centre at the Swiss Ornithological Institute offers exciting insights into the world of birds.
Along with the entrance area, shop and the breathtaking location directly on Sempach Lake, the permanent exhibition is the main attraction. It is divided into three sections: In the eight-room interactive exhibition, guests can immerse themselves in the habitats and survival strategies of their feathered friends. At the beginning, visitors receive a ring, like birds. The ring activates the stations and collects data in the background. Depending on interests and curiosity each visitor leaves an individual electronic trace on their tour. At the end of the exhibition the data adds up to a surprise for them.
The multi-media show «Singphony» lets visitors in on the secrets of bird language and the cinema «Bird Show» presents impressive films of the Swiss bird world. 
The appropriate enclosure for the visitor attraction is the first three-storey building made of clay in Switzerland.

Facts & Figures
Sempach, Switzerland
Swiss Ornithological Institute
Concept, planning, realisation visitor centre: permanent exhibition (350 sq. m), mechanical theatre (75 sq. m), cinema (75 sq. m), foyer with reception area, shop, café (260 sq. m), 2015
Architecture: :mlzd, Biell
Landscape architecture: Fontana, Basel
Award: European Museum of the Year Award 2017 - Sustainability Prize