Scaffolding as a Stage for Art

For three months, the Vögele Cultural Centre was showing the exhibition «Everything About Time». The curators examined the beat that determines our lives and chose the art works for the exhibition accordingly. We developed the concept for the interior design to provide the works with the appropriate stage. Our installation was reminiscent of construction scaffolding. It represented transformation and change – both being phenomena of time that never stands still. The metal scaffolding bars showed signs of use, implying the past, and the improvised character of the structure pointed to a future that will bring forth something new. Metaphorically, the construction scaffolding materialised the fleeting nature of time.

Facts & Figures
Pfäffikon (SZ), Schweiz
Vögele Kultur Zentrum
Concept and planning of scenography of the art exhibition «Alles zur Zeit», 660 m²
21 May to 24 September 2017
Photos: Katharina Wernli Photography, Franziska Marty, Steiner Sarnen Schweiz