Former Castle Occupants Provide Insights

At Wildegg Castle the former owners and servants have their say. Their portraits come to life and tell a lot about the history and family background of the Effingers. In the ancestral gallery (introductory show) at the beginning of the exhibition, they engage in lively discussions and bring old times to life. The persons appear again and again on the tour of the castle. Through their exciting stories, they provide an insight into everyday life at the time and place the exhibits in their historical context.

As in any real castle, Wildegg also has a horse stable. This part of the permanent exhibition is dedicated to children. There they learn how the animals were used back then and what function they fulfil today. Or they playfully explore what food the horses like and what does not belong on their menu. The little ones are even allowed to disguise themselves and then board the horse or carriage and take on the role of knight, jockey or coachman.

In the exhibition «Hunting and Game», visitors stroll on forest ground surrounded by animal forest dwellers. The guests learn how the Lords of Wildegg used to hunt successfully with the help of birds of prey and dogs. The impressive collection of trophies bears witness to the Effingers' hunting skills.

Facts & Figures
Wildegg, Schweiz
Museum Aargau
Concept, planning, realisation, pre-show 36 sq. m, shop 72 sq. m, extension of permanent exhibition with speaking portraits, children's attraction 70 sq. m, exhibition «hunting and game» 23 sq. m, 2012-2019
Photos: Steiner Sarnen Schweiz / Museum Aargau