Former Castle Occupants Provide Insights

The former owners and staff have their say at Schloss Wildegg Castle. Portraits of these protagonists hang on the walls until suddenly springing to life as videos. Once awoken from their repose, the characters have plenty to say about the family background and history of the castle. During an introductory show at the beginning of the exhibition, these figures are especially animated as they rehash old times. These figures then reappear throughout the castle tour. With their exhilarating stories, they provide insights into daily life in former times while also providing historical context to the exhibited objects.

A portion of the permanent exhibition is devoted to children. Like at every proper castle, there is of course a stable for horses. For a long period of time, however, no animals lived here. But now life has returned once more: Though lacking a neighing stallion or a cute foal, a worthy replacement allows kids to get up close and in touch. Kids will discover how the animals were once used and what roles they play today. They’ll also have the option to playfully discover which feed the animals prefer as well as which foods do not belong on the menu. Little ones can even dress up to climb aboard the pony or the carriage to play the roles of knight, jockey or carriage driver.

Facts & Figures
Wildegg, Schweiz
Museum Aargau
Concept, planning, implementation, pre-show 36 sq. m, shop 72 sq. m, kids’ attraction 70 sq. m and exhibition expansion works, 2012-2018

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