Pioneer Spirit Reflected in New Interior

The funicular railways in St. Moritz wanted to increase the number of passengers. We developed a master plan for St. Moritz to that end: St. Moritz’s local mountain was to become the «Sports Olymp». Not only have the Winter Olympics taken place here twice, but also many kinds of winter sports were invented here. We pay reverence to this great history. We re-design the valley, the intermediate and the mountain station of the funicular «St. Moritz – Chantarella – Corviglia»: graphics, colour concept and interior furnishings have been renewed. The wallpaper isn’t only decoration but tells a story. The pioneer story of St. Moritz. The entrances and exits are designed distinctively and prominently in order to optimize the visitor flow. All measures contribute to form a visual whole and a contemporary, unique character that corresponds to St. Moritz. Step by step, parts of the master plan are to be realised on the mountain.
Facts & Figures
St. Moritz, Schweiz
Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG
Master plan «Winterolymp Corviglia», realisation new design valley station 310 sq. m, intermediate station 710 sq. m, mountain station
750 sq. m, 2013/2014
Photos: Daniel Desborough