The Lighthouse in the Wrong Place

The community of Sedrun in the Swiss Canton Grisons wanted to significantly improve its touristic popularity. It was our task to find out how. What makes Sedrun unique, distinctive and uncopyable? The Rhine! It is one of the longest rivers in Europe and it springs from a source at Oberalp Pass. This USP had to be staged using a distinctive visual icon. So we built a lighthouse. It is the visual equivalent of the lighthouse that once stood at the Rhine delta in Rotterdam and is now on display at the Maritiem Museum. The effect and symbolic power of the lighthouse in the wrong place is amazing: Photographs of it appear again and again in the European press. In addition, a children’s book was created that tells the story of the little Rhine source called «Mariuschla».
Facts & Figures
Oberalp Pass/Tujetsch, Schweiz
Tujetsch Community/Enjoy Switzerland
Concept Staging of Rhine Source, realisation Lighthouse, 2010