Insights into Hidden Natural Beauties

The two hotel facilities Frutt Lodge & Spa and Frutt Family Lodge are connected underground. The circa 100 metre-long tunnel is not only a functional connecting passage, but also a window to the surrounding outdoors. The mountains do not always expose their secrets to us at first glance. Impressive photos taken  with a love for the details of this karst topography show the hidden beauty of the plant and animal world. The pictures are lined up continuously in a row of 24 screens. One theme plays simultaneously on all screens, whether sunrises and sunsets, weasels in the snow, the wooden walls of alpine huts or the textures of karst rocks. Spheric music with noises of flora and fauna underline the peaceful atmosphere.
Sixty stela flank the screens and represent the mountains that comprise the panorama surrounding the Melchsee-Frutt.

Facts & Figures
Melchsee-Frutt, Switzerland
Eberli Sarnen AG, Sarnen  
Concept, planning, realisation tunnel animation, ca. 100 m, 2015