How the Famous Mountain Goat was Brought to Life

The figure of the mountain goat, «Guardiaun Grischun» has reigned on Piz Nair, high above St. Moritz, for 60 years. We have now erected a virtual monument to the windswept and weathered landmark and popular photo spot. The augmented reality app, developed in cooperation with apelab, gives insights into the spectacular history of this mountain goat – from design and manufacture to installation of the massive statue on the 3,057-meter summit. Greek shipowner Stavros Niarchos commissioned Zurich artist Rosemarie Grieder with creation of the life-size mountain goat, in 1956. The statute has stood atop St. Moritz’ local mountain since 1958. Not only the «Guardiaun Grischun», but also Piz Nair is of historical interest. No other mountain in the world has been the venue for so many winter Olympic games and world skiing championships. Our project managers made use of the latest technology to spectacularly tell these two stories on the summit, without any architectural intervention. The augmented reality app turned out to be the right medium for doing so. The project came about as part of a master plan at Corvigila and Piz Nair that was developed by Steiner Sarnen Schweiz.

Facts & Figures
Piz Nair/Corviglia, St. Moritz
Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG
Project management/creative direction Augmented Reality App, 2018
Project partners: apelab (concept, animation, design, programming), Salar Shahna (PR, marketing) 
Award: VRCORE Awards Beijing, Best Augmented Reality Application, 2018