Peeking Underground for Kids

The tourist destination Sattel-Hochstuckli has constructed a 120 m-long corrugated metal tunnel with a Sunkid magic rug inside. The tunnel is located between the Kid’s Ski-World and the lift station. In order to make the three-minute ride through the tunnel into an extraordinary experience, we developed an audiovisual scenography on the subject of «soil». Visitors look at the soil through staged windows and get to know different animals in their habitat. In certain places, the four animated mascots of the ski lift are surprise guests as they go on their treasure hunt and experience interesting things. Animated visuals and a humourous acoustic background help the little visitors follow the «Rondos» mascots’ adventures.
In the summertime the staged connecting tunnel will be used by the visitors of the new tubing course.
Facts & Figures
Mostelberg, Sattel-Hochstuckli, Switzerland
Sattel-Hochstuckli AG
Concept, planning, realisation, scenography of connecting tunnel, 120 m, 2014