Garden for Lovers

The beginning of our collaboration with the Botanic Gardens in Merano was nothing spectacular: We were to adopt the guiding principles and the graphic design of the planned info-pavillions. We developed 11 story-telling pavillions from the normed pavillions and the botanical texts, giving the garden zones a centre. The most spectacular novelty is the «Garden for Lovers». It was realised in 2015.

Facts & Figures
Merano, South Tyrol/Italy
Landesmuseum für Tourismus, Castle and Museum Trauttmansdorff
Communication concept and master plan museum, 1997 / Botanical Garden master plan 1998 / Vision: Garden for Lovers, 2007
Awards: International Garden of the Year 2013 / Europe's Garden No. 6, 2006 / Most Beautiful Garden in Italy 2005