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We develop and realize
unique spatial experiences.

From the initial idea to implementation, and far beyond.


Tourism is the lifeline of many regions. We position and optimize the existing offers and design new ones. We look for the truly distinct character of a destination, single out what it really is, interpret it in a fresh and bold way.


A brandland is the home of a brand. We develop and build impressive brand experiences. An exciting, surprising attraction leaves lifelong memories and turns all visitors into brand ambassadors.


Museums are more than mere object cemeteries and morgues of past eras. We create new formats and bring a breath of fresh air to museums. This pioneering spirit pays off: Our museums are magnets for the public.

Come to the dark side, we have cookies!

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We are absurdists, musers, escapists.
And we deliver results.

Reached More Than
50 Million People

What we do, we have not realized for only a few. Our projects are ambitiously popular and entertaining in the best sense. In this way, we reach many and very different people.

Implemented More Than 400 Projects

What we do, we have not developed for the first time. But the variety of projects fascinates us again and again, and each assignment opens up a different, new world for us.

Established Almost
35 Years Ago

What we do, we have not started only yesterday. We draw from decades of experience with a wide variety of projects. We have mapped out a reliable process to ensure that our projects achieve their goals.


Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG
Maison Cailler
Omega SA
Schweizer Salinen AG
Hallenstadion AG
Verkehrshaus der Schweiz
Schweizerische Vogelwarte Sempach
Zoo Zürich AG

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COMM Award
Appenzeller Alpenbitter
Kategorie: Raum
2021 Bronze

Xaver Award
Niklaus von Flüe - Unterwegs I Roadshow
Kategorie: Best Brandworlds & Temporary Exhibitions

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Talks n'Press

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2021 Tag der Schlösser    

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Any more questions?

So what exactly does Steiner Sarnen Schweiz do?

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For our clients, we develop spatial experiences that convince through their unique story, their magical effect and their logic. In doing so, we always work from the perspective of the users(visitors). We combine our holistic and popular approach with our knowledge of positioning, storytelling, design, visitor flows, architecture and scenography.

We work outside the conventional, closer to the miraculous. But our approach is transparent, structured and process-oriented along our phase plan. The open exchange with the world, our team, our clients, our suppliers and our competitors inspires and motivates us to deliver top output.

And best of all: the visitors never leave our exhibitions as they entered them. They always take home something rewarding. Whether it is a smile, food for thought or simply a good feeling.

Who do we like to work for?

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With you! We love with clients who want to make a difference and put something into place. We are not interested in paperwork without visible results. We turn your passion into ours. We exclude something else: we do not work for warring, human rights violating, environmentally destructive or corrupt clients.

What do you get from us?

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We deliver visionary services. The visionary lies in the uniqueness and sustainability of our ideas. They stand out from the expected and are tailored to the needs of our clients. We do not allow ourselves to be restricted by well-worn thought patterns when it comes to finding ideas, but at the same time we know how to get ideas off the ground and turn them into reality. We work along our phase plan to ensure structureand progress. 

How much does a project from and with us cost?

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Oftentimes our projects are «expensive». But we have an open ear for every idea - the size of the project is secondary and the cost range is just as large as the diversity of our projects. We are more interested in the passion of the people behind the project.

And is our studio really in Sarnen?

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Yes, and we like it here alot. But we think and work globally - in other words, wherever our expertise is in demand.

Scenography? Do we not mean stenography?

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No, we don’t.
Stenography is shorthand and fast.
Scenography, on the other hand, creates form from content and gives it meaning and attitude. It generates space from ideas, things and stories and transports their contents as experiences and messages.

Using scenography as a tool, we thus strive for a narrative and self-explanatory approach to history, the present, and the future, where we meet visitors at eye level and integrate them into the narrative and spatial experience through emotion and performativity.

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