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All you need.
Our services at a glance.

Strategy analysis & Consulting

Evaluation of potential
Strategy Consulting
Benchmarking & Market Analysis
Target audience analysis
Positioning / Repositioning
Consulting Fundraising

Creation Process

Development of different conceptual ideas
Master plans
Customer Journey
Dramatic composition
Development of different formats
Creation of experiences across different touchpoints


Illumination concepts
Audio concepts
Media concepts
Cinematic concepts
Visual concepts

Contents & Curation

Content-related research
Establishing basic principles
Curation of content
Concepts of mediation
Screenplay and Scripts
Stage Direction

Architecture & Design

Interior Design
Exhibition flow
Material & color concepts
Visual and graphic concepts
Illustration and Visualization

Project Management

Project supervision
Construction management
Production management
Cost calculation

Creativity requires structure.

1. Vision

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The goal of the vision phase is to develop THE big, unique, mountain-shifting idea that will emotionalize far beyond the opening.

First we listen to our client, research the basic information about the project and aim to understand the wishes, hopes and desires. With these ingredients we work out different approaches, which we transfer to the venue. From simple and logical proposals to imagination-accelerating ideas. Together with our client and based on the different scales of our ideas, we sound out the strategic and financial scope. We hold an interim presentation to select the approach that serves as guideline for our further work.

In the second part of the vision phase, we combine all suggestions, specifications and criticisms into a feasible ensemble. We describe the overall project and document the vision with plans, illustrations and reference images.

2. Creative Concept

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With the creative concept we deepen the content, story, dramaturgy, format and spatial implementation of the previously developed vision. Once the main overall message is clear, we define the specific messages for each space. Consequentially, we refine the basic ideas, the story and the dramaturgy of the different areas and develop the scenography. In doing so, we pay special attention to the unifyingthread which we do not want to lose at any time and which mustbe reflected in the content and design approaches. From the client's side we need thelocal knowledge, organizational and operational insights as well as content-relatedcompetence. Important parts of the creative concept are scale drawings, a more elaborateddefinition of colors, materials, light and if necessary products as well as adescriptive text.

3. Technical Concept

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The previously defined content and design outlines are now prepared for planning. We draw up a technical description of all content, the media technology and control, audio sound, video, lighting, monitoring, mechanical elements, etc.. We examine the interaction of these factors. We develop an orientation and signage system. The technical concept lays the groundwork for specialist planners and experts to start their planning. In the space plan catalogue, we record the results of the concept phase in all detail. We provide a corresponding binding cost estimate.

4. Planning

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In the planning phase, the project gradually takes shape - never losing sight of the pre-set goals. We define all the contents, structural interventions, the equipment (scenography), lighting and media technology for the execution and record all pieces of information in plans and descriptions. The subsequent tendering procedure aims to find the right supplier or producer for every task. Quality and know-how are required. We define the framework of the tendering process in advance. Who do we invite and what are the award criteria? Thanks to numerous projects carried out over the past decades, we have a broad network of specialists that we are happy to draw on in consultation with the client.

5. Realization

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In the realization phase, we implement the planned stagings in high quality and on schedule. For this purpose, the client places all production orders in coordination with us and we keep track of quality, deadlines and costs. Test setups, samplings, and preliminary acceptances take place before the project turns into reality step by step. With completion of this phase, content and design come together - the destination is created. After extensive test runs, the attraction opens to the visitors.

6. Follow-up support

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All of our projects strive for one specific goal:  to emotionalize the audience. All people involved in the project did their utmost to achieve this goal and to make visitors happy (and thus also the clients). There was a lot of thinking, testing, reinterpreting. That is compulsory. But now the guests arrive -and do a few things differently than expected. For us, the phase of gradual perfecting begins: fine adjustments and optimizations. After all, we are aware of our responsibility to ensure that our attraction functions properly, and we take care to rectify any problems as quickly as possible - so that the experience is ideal and conjures up curiosity in our audience's minds and a sparkle in their eyes.