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Brand, museum, tourism.
Three core areas, three questions.

Maison Cailler.
Crowd magnet for both young and old.

Chocolate attracts: Maison Cailler is one of the top attractions in French-speaking Switzerland. But that wasn't always the case: when we were commissioned, the annual number of visitors was 80,000. The clients hoped for a twofold increase. What has happened is a fivefold increase.

What are the success factors?
We are convinced that storytelling is the key to inspiring a large and broad audience. An exciting and unique story told in a fascinating way arouses the curiosity of visitors. Around the core attraction with the walk-through show on the history of chocolate and tasting options, we have created an overall experience that responds to the needs of younger and older guests and makes a visit to Broc a unique, unforgettable excursion into the world of chocolate.

Swiss Ornithological Institute.
Pioneering work in exhibition and architecture.

The Swiss Ornithological Institute is the first exhibition worldwide to meet the Minergie P-Eco criteria for minimal energy consumption and for the use of ecological building materials. We were driven to this distinctive aspect by the well-known question:

Architecture or content first?
Our answer to this question is simple: Our exhibition concept formed the basis and the content framework - and only then did the matching architecture emerge in the form of :mlzd's unique clay building. First, we had to determine how the exhibition should work. What should be conveyed? What stories and what emotions should be triggered? With which formats and from which perspective do we tell the story? After we had put the content into a story, we developed the spatial experience and then brought in the best partners to develop the appropriate shell and architecture. The result was a coherent overall experience that corresponds to the positioning of the Swiss Ornithological Institute in terms of content, design and architecture. In 2017, the visitor centre was awarded the "European Museum of the Year Award" in the category "Sustainability".

Top of Europe.
Also in terms of visitor numbers.

The Jungfraujoch had a luxury problem: On many days, ticket sales in the valley had to be stopped because it was too crowded up on the summit. Our task was to find solutions to optimise the flow of visitors, improve the quality of stay and at the same time create an experience independent of the weather.

How do access routes become an experience in their very nature?
With an additional tunnel, we developed a one-way system at 3500 metres above sea level and staged the tunnels with the fairytale beauty of Switzerland and the impressive pioneering spirit of Guyer-Zeller. Our measures have proven their worth: By optimising the flow of visitors, the number of visitors increased from 765,000 people per year (2011) to 1 million visitors annually (as of 2015).

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