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Enriching the world with
the power of an idea.

Places to grasp

Our passion is to create new experiences that give visitors access to topics, contents and stories. With our work, we put a smile on people's faces and curiosity in their minds.

To the Miraculous
one closer

We never allow ourselves to be limited by conventional thinking grids. But we know how to pull the ideas out of the sky and have them hit the ground running.

Through the Eyes
of the Users

We think, develop and realize a functioning overall system. Our work always centers around the experience of the future visitors. We translate the message of the client into a surprising and easy to understand attraction.

Our own demands to our work.

Creating identification, without being identitary.

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Genuine confrontation arises through personal relation. We are always aware that identity only exists in the subjective plural and only as a constantly transforming process.

Appealing to all. Challenging for everyone.

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In general, our projects are adressing everyone who is interested in the respective place or topic. They are ambitiously popular and entertaining in the best sense.

Ephemeral and long lasting.

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We think beyond the expected towards the future. And in the same way, our work leaves traces - traces in the minds of the visitors which continue to linger far beyond their visit.

Exclusively inclusive.

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With our work we include, never exclude.

Glocal and international.

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At home in Sarnen and at home in the world. Spatial, social and cultural boundaries are seen, drawn, crossed and reinterpreted.

Creation and recreation.

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Our projects are like festivities. They are fun - to develop and to visit.

Unique, innovative and unlike any other.

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Eclectically refined, we create new unique spaces. We are authentic and unbiased, we draw inspiration from experiencing what works and what fascinates and create the unexpected.