ABL Mirror House

A house like a chameleon

Probably no other building in the city of Lucerne is so transformable: The Mirror House in the ABL housing project changes with every season, with every time of day, with every moment. During the day it is almost invisible and in the evening it shines from within.


abl - Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Luzern


Lucerne, CH




Alle Facts and Figures

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Mysterious spy mirror glass

"Himmelrich 1" is the oldest housing estate of the Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Luzern (abl) and was completely renovated in the mid-2010s. Our brief was "art in construction". We wanted to create a project that not only appeals to the mind, but above all promotes a sense of community among the residents. An extraordinary shared space was created in the courtyard. The building is made entirely of glass and reflects the sky as well as the historic facades. If the weather obscures the stars, the atmospheric interior lighting guarantees a stellar sky. The peephole mirror glass is deliberately chosen so that guests are not on display, but passers-by are not completely excluded either. The mirrored exterior surfaces create new spaces in the courtyard that change depending on the perspective. The Mirror House is a place of encounter and exchange, a place of comfort. The entire infrastructure invites people to linger. An approximately five-meter-long table along with benches made of solid wood can be pushed outside in dry weather. In the outside area there is also a fireplace and a water connection. The Mirror House is a meeting place for the neighborhood, a kaleidoscope of the architectural landscape and a beautiful oasis of tranquility in the middle of the hectic urban environment.

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Facts and Figures

Lucerne, CH
our role
Vision, Conceptual Design, Planning, Implementation
Stefano Schröter, Luzern
Anliker Bauunternehmungs AG, BS Zeier AG, Schlosserei Andreas Rohrer AG, Rood AG Metallbauplanung
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