Lighthouse Oberalp Pass

The Only Lighthouse in the Alps

It is our most photographed project worldwide and always causes irritation: The lighthouse on the Oberalp Pass. Even if the maritime monument is supposedly in the wrong place in the rough mountain world, the place for the tower is exactly the right one. But the project is not yet complete...


Gemeinde Tujetsch/Enjoy Switzerland


Oberalp-Pass/Tujetsch, CH




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The Copy Becomes the Original Itself

The village of Sedrun in the canton of Graubünden wanted to significantly increase its tourism profile. Our task was to find out how. What makes Sedrun unique, distinctive and impossible to copy? The Rhine! It is one of the longest rivers in Europe and has its source at the Oberalp Pass. This USP had to be staged with a striking icon. We built a lighthouse. It is the counterpart of the lighthouse that once stood at the mouth of the Rhine in Rotterdam and is now on display in the Maritime Museum. With a key you can visit it. The landing stage on the Oberalp Pass, on the other hand, has not yet been built. Just as the ship keeps waiting. It will come. Not today, not tomorrow. Someday. Our big dream: the voyage of a cargo ship, which shall be donated to us in Rotterdam and will be used as an information and cultural platform. This ship will sail up the Rhine from city to city over a period of several months and ensure high media awareness throughout the journey. We have not yet been able to find sponsors for this idea. But if we succeed, we will awaken in the 55 million inhabitants along the Rhine the longing to see where the water comes from that flows past their front door every day. That way the region of Sedrun will no longer have a problem with the number of overnight stays. Therefore, we continue to believe: A ship will come. Ahoy!

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Facts and Figures

Oberalp-Pass/Tujetsch, CH
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Conceptual Design - Storytelling of Rheinquelle, Implementation Lighthouse
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