Emmentaler Show Dairy

Where the "swiss" gold is stored

From the tranquil hilly landscape in the Mittelland, Emmentaler AOP has conquered the world. On the "King's Trail" in the show dairy in Affoltern im Emmental, we tell this story(s) informatively and with a humorous bite.


Emmentaler Schaukäserei


Affoltern in Emmental, CH




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Through cow stomach and past the cheese cellar

Do you want to know the well-kept secret of how the holes get into the cheese? Why the Emmental was the home of cheese barons for a long time? And what it feels like to walk through a cow's stomach? Visitors can find out all this and much more on the "King's Path", the world of experience opened in 2018 in the basement of the Emmental show dairy in Affoltern im Emmental. Informative and accompanied by a large portion of humor, the guests go on a journey of discovery. With a piece of Emmentaler on their palate, they start their tour through eight rooms. On the tour, young and old learn all kinds of interesting facts about the world-famous cheese. Three figures - a cheesemaker, a cow and a (anything but gray) mouse - don't tell visitors about cheese, but all sorts of interesting facts about production and the regional, national and international significance of Emmentaler AOP. In the last room, visitors can watch the production process and marvel at the immensely large Emmental cheeses in the ripening warehouse. An experience that stimulates the taste buds, tickles the palate and pampers the stomach.

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Facts and Figures

Affoltern in Emmental, CH
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Vision, Conception, Planing, Realisation
Daniel Desborough, Ejup Arifi
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