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Swabian fairytale for adults

How do you turn a castle without a collection into a museum? By staging the fairy tale "The Cold Heart" and a bold permanent exhibition. The result is one of our most charming projects - poetic and well thought-out. Even today, the museum director says that without "The Cold Heart," the castle would be a dead museum by now.


Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe


Neuenbürg, DE




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Making the Non-Existing Visible

"The Cold Heart" by Wilhelm Hauff is a famous Swabian fairy tale and at the same time the centerpiece of the museum. Lively productions amaze the audience in innovative and novel ways and provide emotional insights into the cultural region of the northern Black Forest. The story of the charcoal burner Peter Munk and the Holländer-Michel is told in an exciting way packed with effects and taking place at several different locations. The second part of the experiential museum is dedicated to the history of the town and castle of Neuenbürg. We covered the showcases with white sheets and uncovered only certain places in order to make visitors aware of the lack of original objects. Thanks to this form of scenography, the wrapping hints at the missing objects. Servant Ambrosius guides the visitors through the rooms. He guards the residence and the historical furniture while all other castle inhabitants from the old and younger days are away on travels.

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Neuenbürg, DE
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