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A fabulous place of indulgence

The Entlebuch is the dreamy, idyllic region where not only milk and honey are being made and enjoyed, but also Kafi Luz and cheese fondue. The Marbach mountain cheese factory offers a fresh and cheeky insight into the traditional cheese-making craft.


Bergkäserei Marbach AG


Marbach, CH




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The somewhat different cheese factory

Innovations are not just empty phrases here, but real treats for the palate: the first Swiss buffalo mozzarella with milk from the region is made in the Marbach mountain cheese factory, a wide range of unusual cheese creations by chef Stefan Wiesner and, for over 40 years, the cream for the legendary Kemmeriboden meringues. We immersed ourselves in this culinary cosmos, stirred vigorously in the cheese mixture and filled the whole thing into dry cloths, pressed it, turned it over and over again, cared for it and let it mature beautifully like a good cheese. The result is a wonderful, instructive and varied tour with a finely seasoned portion of humour: different voices, from the owner couple Michael and Regula Jaun, the tinkerer-cheesemaker Armin, to the chef Stefan Wiesner, accompany the insights into the production - from the delivery of the annual 12 million litres of milk to the maturing cellar, which has room for up to 13,000 cheese wheels. The oddly shaped Marbach milk churns contain the ingredients that are needed for a good cheese in addition to the raw material milk: finesse, innovation, craftsmanship, passion, Entlebuch biosphere and high-percentage morning sun. In the cheese making workshop, visitors can try out the craft themselves and make fondue, mozzarella or a "Mutschli". Finally, the cheese specialities of the house can be bought in the shop and enjoyed in the bistro. A fabulous experience!

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Marbach, CH
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