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The Talking Castle with Its Beautiful Gardens

At Wildegg Castle, visitors experience a touch of aristocratic lifestyle: a museum with talking castle residents, a magnificent pleasure garden and rare crop plantings take guests back to the Baroque Age.


Museum Aargau


Wildegg, CH




Wildegg Castle nominated for EMYA 2022

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Experience Today the Castle of Yesteryear

At Wildegg Castle, the former owners and servants raise their voices. Their portraits come to life and talk about the history and family background of the Effinger dynasty. In the gallery of ancestors at the beginning of the exhibition, the portraits engage in particularly animated discussions, they relive old times and praise their favorite places at Wildegg Castle. This way, visitors learn right away where there is something special to discover. As in every real castle, there is also a horse stable at Wildegg. There, visitors learn how the animals were used back then and what function they fulfill today. In the exhibition "Hunting and Game", visitors walk through the woods amidst their animal inhabitants. Guests learn how the lords of Wildegg hunted successfully in those days with birds of prey and hounds. The impressive trophy collection bears witness to the hunting skills of the patrician Effinger family. The Effingers cultivated their own plant varieties. The great diversity of varieties and species becomes visible in the public garden: More than 300 historical vegetables, cereals and berries as well as aromatic, spicy and medicinal herbs are grown there in co-operation with ProSpecieRara in order to protect and promote rare historical varieties.

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Facts and Figures

Wildegg, CH
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Conceptual Design, Planning, Implementation
Wildegg Castle nominated for EMYA 2022
Steiner Sarnen Schweiz/Museum Aargau
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