Tyrolean Folk Art Museum

The Tyrolean Folk Art Museum in new bloom

The Tyrolean Folk Art Museum invites you on a fascinating journey of discovery. The museum opens up a world of eight unique narrative forms. From the eerie Lucifer at the entrance to renewed rooms, traditional costumes and cribs to the impressive multimedia pre -show for the court church of Maximilian I - the museum we have redesigned combines art, history and emotion to create an unforgettable experience.


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Emotional journey through Tyrol's past

A magical hodgepodge of eight unique narrative forms, in the museum we have reorganized and designed, unfolds before the visitor as if time itself had dipped its pen in it. Right at the entrance, Lucifer, a scary, dazzling figure, greets the guests and accompanies them on their way through the museum, appearing again and again to tickle the senses and inspire the thoughts. Old rooms, traditional costumes and cribs, once hidden in a quiet twilight, are now presented in a completely new splendor. Their stories shine brighter than ever, immersing us in the past as if we were witnesses to times gone by ourselves. A highlight is the multimedia pre -show for the court church of Maximilian I. A feast for the eyes and ears that brings history to life. The "Bully Year" area opens up as a walk-in cycle that brings the Christian church year with all its magnificent festivals to life. Here we can feel the joy of celebrations and understand the meaning behind each ceremony. It's like wandering through the seasons and letting the power of tradition sink in. But the experience doesn't stop there. The exhibition "Precarious Life" unfolds like a walk through all facets of human existence. From the first fiber of life to the last breath, this journey takes us through ups and downs, experiences and memories. It's a way of reminding us how precious and fragile life is, and how important it is to cherish every second. The Tyrolean Folk Art Museum has transformed itself from a place of tranquility to a lively stage for emotions. The new narrative formats let you immerse yourself, empathize and discover what it means to be part of Tyrolean culture. This is no longer a museum, it is a living heartbeat of history that draws you in and fills you with a sense of admiration and gratitude.

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